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A CUBAN Tourist Card, aka Cuban Visitors Visa, and a valid passport is all that is required to enter Cuba.

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Cuban Tourist Card, also known as Cuban Visitors Visa
Official Cuban Tourist Card (sometimes referred to as a Cuban Visitors Visa)
ABOVE IS AN example of a Cuban Tourist Visa (sometimes referred to as a Cuban Visitors Card). It is scored vertically in the center. Cuban Immigration retains one half. You keep the other half, together with your passport, during your stay on the island. You return your half to Cuban Immigration when you leave. Don't lose it. You'll have to replace it, resulting in extra costs, delays and the possibility of missing your flight home.

All travelers require this card to enter Cuba, together with a current passport (from any nation). These are the only two documents a visitor needs.

The card is valid for 90 days for Canadians and can be renewed in Cuba for another 90 days. It is valid for Americans for 30 days and can be renewed for an additional 30 days in Cuba.

If you are flying with a Canadian carrier, your Cuban Tourist Card is included in the cost of your air ticket. Your flight steward hands them out on the airplane while en route to Cuba. It is not distributed prior.

If you are flying on Cubana or any other national carrier you'll have to purchase a Cuban Tourist Visa prior to departure to Cuba. Cards are available for purchase at or near your respective airline check-in counter. In Cancún, the visa costs $25.00 U.S. dollars.

 When filling out your Cuban Tourist Card, take care not to make mistakes. If you do make a mistake, don't cross it out! It will result in your card being rejected. Instead enter the correct information next to the appropriate category.

If your card is damaged or has too many corrections you'll likely have purchase a new one prior to departure, or upon arrival in Cuba.

Cuba Explorer Tours does not sell Cuban Tourist Cards.

NON Cuba Explorer Tours TRAVELERS  
All questions regarding Cuban Tourist Cards should be directed first to your travel agent, and second to your airline. If you are not a Cuba Explorer Tours participant, please do not contact us about Cuban Tourist Card matters. We're are not in a position to assist.

Wishing all travelers a wonderful stay in beautiful Cuba!
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