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Club Cubano Membership Gives Big Tour Discounts and Cash Returns to Island Travelers and Friends of Cuba
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What is Club Cubano?
Club Cubano
CLUB CUBANO IS Cuba Explorer Tours' exclusive travel rewards program. As a member, you earn rewards simply by referring people to our programs. When one or more of your referrals travel on a Cuba Explorer Tour, you earn significant tour discounts. You can even redeem your rewards for cash. It's that easy!

There are no hidden fees or obligations to join or maintain your membership.
Everyone Can Join Club Cubano!
Current travelers. Participants already registered for an upcoming tour. You can even refer your traveling companions and save on your registration costs! They'll get a discount too.
Past Tour Participants. You have shared your travel memories with your friends, family and colleagues and now they will want to experience Cuba too! Refer them and you can save on future tours or exchange your rewards for cash, or transfer them to a friend.
Non-Travelers. Not ready to visit Cuba on a Cuba Explorer Tour yet? You can still be a member and make referrals. You can then save your rewards for future tour discounts or exchange them for cash.
How Does It Work?
CLUB CUBANO MEMBERSHIP is simple and hassle-free. There are no hidden costs or obligations to join or maintain your membership.
Signing up is easy. Just click here to be taken to our membership page. In less than three minutes you can be on your way to earning valuable Club Cubano rewards.
Simply talk to your friends, family and colleagues. If you have participated on a Cuba Explorer Tour, share your memories. If you haven't visited Cuba yet, share our website and resources. Then use our easy form to register your referrals. For each of your referrals that join one of our tours, you get a $150 tour discount. You may also choose to exchange your credit for cash. Your referral also receives a $150 discount.
When you enlist ten people who travel on one of our programs, you can join any one of our tours for free (excluding cost of air travel), even if the tour you join is valued at more than $1500. Or, as always, you can redeem your Club Cubano credits for $1500 cash.
You can also transfer your Club Cubano credits, discounts and cash rewards to another person of your choosing. There is no time limit for redeeming your rewards, or limit on the number of people you enroll in Club Cubano.
Club Cubano Guidelines.
CLUB CUBANO STRICTLY honors your referrals. If you refer a friend who travels with us, we'll give you credit, even if we have already been in contact with your referral. We cannot, however, reward multiple Club Cubano members for the same referral. Referrals are registered and recorded to Club Cubano members on a first come, first served basis. So register your referrals now! If you log a referral already registered by another member, we'll let you know.
You receive your credit when your referral actually travels with us to Cuba. If you wish to redeem your credit for cash, we'll send you a check on the day your referral departs on a Cuba Explorer Tours program. Rewards, discounts and cash are only given when your referral participates on one of our tours.
Rewards only apply to Cuba Explorer Tours' public tours. Private group tours or school tours do not qualify, as other discounts are in effect.
American Club Cubano members are credited in US dollars. Canadian Club Cubano members are credited in Canadian dollars.
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